Donate to Jenkins

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The Jenkins project operates thanks to individual and company contributors investing their time and resources to maintain and evolve the project. The best way to help the project is to participate and contribute, volunteer time is the most precious resource for an open-source project. We will appreciate any contributions to the Jenkins: code, documentation, etc. If you have no opportunity to contribute your time, we also appreciate donations of money and equipment.

You can donate here: Donate via LFX Crowdfunding

Why donate?

Your donations help to keep the project going and to accelerate its evolution:

  • Facilitating key initiatives within the Jenkins Roadmap: new features, documentation, user experience improvement, etc.

    • Organizing community events and outreach programs

    • Running self-funded mentorship programs like Outreachy and Community Bridge

    • Swag for active Jenkins contributors

  • Operating and infrastructure expenses not covered by existing sponsorships

    • Certificates and domains for our websites, network transit costs, hardware for self-hosted services

    • Cost of SaaS services not covered by sponsorships

  • Organizing online, local Jenkins meetups (swag, promotion materials)

  • Funding the Jenkins Travel Grant Program to help community members to attend Jenkins related events.

Your contribution will NOT be used for paying personnel, for placing ads, or for other forms of commercial promotion. The Jenkins project has no personnel on payroll, all contributions come from individual and company contributors. Sponsorships cover most of our "big" expenses: most of the infrastructure costs, contributor summits, meetup accounts, swag, etc. It allows spending the most of donations on targeted projects focused on evolving the project and the community. Many initiatives we run require "just" hundreds or thousands of US dollars, even small contributions can make a real difference for the project and its users.

Donations through LFX Crowdfunding

Donate via LFX Crowdfunding

The Jenkins project has an account on the LFX Crowdfunding platform. It provides support for donations by individuals and by organizations, including anonymous donations. Minimum donation is 5 USD for individuals and 500 USD for organizations.

  • You can make a one-time donation or configure monthly donations using your credit card.

  • Organizations can also make a donation via invoice

See Jenkins funding on LFX Crowdfunding for more details about the donation process and targets.

Donations through the Continuous Delivery Foundation

Large donations can be also made through the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Please contact the Jenkins Governance Board if you want to make such a donation.


As for any other type of contributions, we are interested in publicly recognizing and promoting donations made to the project. If you announce your or your company’s donation in social media, reach out to the Advocacy and Outreach special interest group for reposts. The Jenkins governance board is also responsible for recognizing big donations. There is no formal process for that, please contact the Jenkins Governance Board.

Friend of Jenkins

Before May 15th 2021, the Jenkins project would send a special "Friend of Jenkins" plugin to contributors who donate 25 USD or more. This setup not only went against our design of an open source project, but it didn’t adequately acknowledge the thanks we wanted to give people. We are working on redefining this program. Please refer to this thread for the details.

Donations to sub-projects and plugins

This page describes donations to the Jenkins project in general. Plugin and component maintainers may define their own donation guidelines. Such information can be found in their documentation and in GitHub repositories.